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How does “Boyaa interactive” maintain leading position in Chinese Board game market?

In 2019, the monetization model of “IAA+IAP” helps hyper-casual game developers earn a lot, but how about 2020?

According to the latest data released by Appsflyer, during 2020, when the casual game, mid-core and hard-core games were showing trends of “IAP revenue growth that was obviously greater than IAA revenue”, the social board market was different. The IAA revenue growth exceeded IAP. And reached a high of 36%. In the 36% that had been promoted, we can see the dynamics of international gaming giants such as Playtika, Zynga or Huuuge Games breaking the stereotypes and getting out of relying on pure in-app purchase revenue.

Will social board games become the next opportunity? Boyaa says Yes

In 2020, the sudden pandemic brought huge challenges to all walks of life. Only the game industry has started to soar in such a dangerous situation, and the number of players increased.

At this moment, Boyaa seized a new transition point.

After establishing the direction of the mixed monetization stage, the Boyaa advance project team quickly united the members of the company's various departments, and completed the basic plan of advertising space design within a few days.

It seems like everything is prepared, but it’s not easy to transfer from IAP business model to mix-monetization model.

Boyaa is a leader in the chess and card industry. But how about in international market?

From combining the domestic and international market overview for Boyaa, sharinng the latest industry trends with him daily, to the integration of internal resources in order to help Boya solve this problem even though there is no in-depth cooperation on the UA side.

The service is the reason that Adtiming won the trust of Boyaa, and the key point is to deepen the cooperation between the two sides.

Boyaa takes their key game 《開心鬥一番》to start cooperating with XTimingthey discovered that they got a lot more than their expectations.

With a 30+ page PPT evaluating the game from multiple dimensions; such as game optimization, ad monetization strategy, test launch, market insights and so on, which was the result of several days' hard work, five different teams and dozens of people in XTiming,

"Good ad design can help maintain a larger user base and facilitate the conversion of non-paying users to paying users," Yang said.

The good service of XTiming and a high degree of professionalism built a solid cooperation.

The ad monetization is not just a matter of stuffing an ad scene into the game, but a way to also increase the user engagement.

How should the rationality of advertisement scene design be examined? How to analyze the effect of advertising? How does data feedback help fine-tune the Waterfall strategy? These are the first questions developers have to consider.

In order to eliminate these obstacles for Boyaa, XTiming established an operation team the next day after Boyaa confirmed the cooperation and began integrating the SDK.

"The client will definitely come in with a problem, but we definitely won't let him go out with a problem." "Said the head of XTiming's operation team.

"Never let a client take a detour if he can build a bridge across the river."

Help Boyaa to replicate the performance of advertising space design; Taught Boyaa how to adjust the waterfall based on data feedback and was able to complete the desired optimization. After completing the report on ad revenue,  this helped Boyaa better see the game from the user level using AppsFlyer’s Attribution and Event Tracking. This then laid a foundation for a subsequent release strategy.

The XTiming team not only helped Boyaa complete the leap from 0 to 1 in advertising, but also realizes the added value of teaching people to Publish for themselves.

After completing the settings of the waterfall strategy customization, the game is ready in place, but Boyaa seemed quite nervous.

"Our biggest concern is whether the inclusion of advertising will have a negative impact on content that is currently growing well." Game project leader said.

The rising curve, however, delivered unexpected good news for Boyaa.

The revenue of 《開心鬥一番》 has been substantially increasing , from just meeting their expectations at the beginning to growing at a multiple rate that far exceeded Boyaa’s expectations.

Boyaa found greater potential to monetize through advertising. In order to move toward higher revenue targets, Boyaa has recently cooperated with XTiming to start a new advertising scene plan.

Boyaa has proved that the big transformation of the business model of chess and card games can also achieve success. Mixed monetization will become a popular trend of the hyper-casual game market, Boyaa has taken advantage of the momentum to move forward, while XTiming is happy to continue support.

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