E-commerce industry cases

Gain high-value users through Retargeting

User loss is an eternal challenge for customers. High-value users have become the target of every advertiser. However, the current situation of the industry is not optimistic. The 30-day retention rate of the e-commerce industry is only 8%. Through customized retargeting solutions, we help customers activate users in a targeted manner, increase user purchase rates, and cultivate high-value users.

AdTiming retargeting program

E-commerce user stratification

Increase the first-time purchase rate for new e-commerce users, and increase the repurchase rate for potential users.

Precisely guide conversion

Use deep links to directly take users back to the product information page instead of the details page of the APP store, accurately guide users directly to the marketing content, and stimulate user conversion.

Boost user purchases

In-depth research on your users, understanding of each user's path and needs, more targeted to provide each user with accurate creatives, and increase the purchase rate.

Strengthen user stickiness

Show attractive price offers to already successfully attracted users to encourage users to complete their orders.

Expand more conversions

AI learning, in-depth understanding of user preferences, display other matching products of the same style, and help advertisers complete more order conversions.

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