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AdTiming Show on GMIC 2018, Carnival Timing Came to a Perfect End

This year’s GMIC has come to an end. Themed “AI creates everything”, the convention provided an opportunity for global top tech talents to discuss and imagine the future development of AI.

27 April 2018 at 16:04 PM

AdTiming Staff AdTiming
AdTiming Show GMIC 2018

GMIC Mobile Internet Globalization Summit & Panel

As a premium Mobile Intelligent Mediation Marketing Platform, AdTiming took an active part in this year's GMIC and had an in-depth discussion with mobile marketers and developers. AdTiming’s CEO Leo Yang and Product VP Yobo Zhang also made speeches on the stage, to share insights on mobile marketing and monetization.

At the GMIC Global Brand Digital Marketing Summit, AdTiming’s Product VP Yobo Zhang shared the best practice to apply AI in digital marketing.

Will AI Make Marketers Out of Work?

The advance in AI has saved a huge amount on human labor cost. However, people have growing concern and can't stop wondering, will AI take the place of a human, and make marketers out of work?

Yobo is quite optimistic towards the problem: he believes that AI will not take the place of human since it's hard for AI to solve a problem that lies across different functions of a company, let alone crossing the industry. He further suggests that, if marketers can connect the loop from AI to business, they will be able to leverage AI as a tool, and not be replaced by it.

Connect the Loop from AI to Business

By applying AI in business, we can target our customers with higher precision, and further increase revenue for developers. Meanwhile, Yobo also mentioned that AdTiming has been making proactive exploration and experiment on it. AdTiming’s first AI-based product module “Xiaobao” has enabled NLP (Natural Language Processing) to support its live-commenting ad format “AdMuing” in automatic word segmentation, increasing the CVR by 6.54%. Regarding creative design, Xiaobao can automatically identify and produce ad creatives. This project on its beta phase, and is expected to save 80% creative works of marketers.

On the GMIC Mobile Internet Globalization Summit, the acquisition and quality of traffic have been in heated discussion. On a panel concerning “the changes and new start of global traffic market”, AdTiming’s CEO Leo Yang had an in-depth discussion with Weibang Chen – General Manager of Ali Culture & Entertainment UC Business Group, Chengang Shen – Meet Social CEO, Changhao Liu – Altamob CEO, and Miao You – Applovin Senior Director of Strategic Partners.

Global Traffic Development

During the discussion, Leo Yang mentioned that “The growth of global traffic has been slowing since the countries better covered by the Internet are going through slowdowns. From the perspective of the whole industry, European, Middle East and other emerging markets with 3G taking the prominent place will change the industry.”

How to Tackle New Traffic?

The short video, OTT, live and social, info app… these apps have emerged one after another. But how should we tackle with them? Leo said: we have entered the age of refined operation. With the help of programmatic technology, ad platforms can match the demand and supply to the ad request level. Both marketers and publishers should have a clear target and demands on their mind. Take better control of the data and A/B testing, wave goodbye to piling SDK, and solve the problem of compatibility and user experience. When using these new types of traffic, they can choose a long-term partner that matches them, and have an in-depth understanding of their product, their traffic, their ad scenarios, and the industry.

The Penetration of Traffic

Discussing the penetration of traffic, Leo said: "High-value users are limited. So, it's natural to observe the penetration of traffic. However, it brings a higher request for marketers to target audiences with precision. In order to better serve publishers, ad platforms need to know more about their customers than they do. As technology and data-driven mobile intelligent mediation marketing platform, AdTiming expects to have in-depth cooperation with marketers and publishers alike to achieve a total win.”

This year’s GMIC has come to an end. AdTiming is thrilled to meet every marketer and publish, and we appreciate all the support from our valued partner. Hope we can have a more in-depth discussion with you and See you next time!