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AdTiming Summer Party

Eat, dance and snatch a red packet @the rooftop

15 June 2018 at 15:20 PM

AdTiming Staff AdTiming
Summer Party

Summer Celebrations

In order to create some unforgettable memories of summer for everyone. AdTiming has decided to throw a BIGGGGGG Summer Party at Beijing office.

With the joint efforts of everyone, AdTiming has made significant achievement in the current stage! The party is themed with “Create the future together”. AdTimingers will unite as one, achieve our goals one after another, and create a better future together.

As a fast-growing startup, AdTiming team is developing rapidly. In order to increase communication between different departments, all AdTiming peers got stickers in different colors at the beginning of the party, and the group that has collected stickers of all colors have received an exquisite present from AdTiming.

As a model company with extra benefits, AdTiming has a tradition called “Red Package Rain”.

And the “Red Package Rain” in the party is different from the others. Look at the wall of red packages. Each of the packages is filled with real cash! It all depends on your fortune to get the benefit you want!

As the saying goes, nothing can be unsettled by a “Red Package Rain”. If there were, then we’ll make a second “Red Package Rain”! The online “red package snatch” is something you can’t miss out. Want to know how much have we got? Why not joining us!

Come on! Let’s enjoy the drinks, foods and happy times with AdTiming!

When the dusk began to fall, the party came to an end. This summer, we shared a splendid sunset and a joyful evening at the rooftop of our company. AdTiming hopes to create more proud achievements and more wonderful memories with every one of you. Let’s do it together!