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Grasslands Adventure

Summer slips fast, as we sow so shall we reap. With months of dedication and hardships, AdTiming is ready for the harvest in Autumn. In the Qixi Festival, we parted from our works and the fiery-hot weather in Beijing to chill out in the wild.

20 August 2018 at 09:26 AM

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AdTiming Team at Grasslands Adventure

AdTiming Team at Grasslands Adventure

Heading to the north, we set our foot on the Ulan butong grassland to stretch our body and set free our mind in the nature.

TGIF, no one worries about being single at the Chinese Valentine’s day, as we enjoy the “romantic atmosphere” as a team.

The wild grassland is cheerful by itself. With some team-work activities, we are more connected as a team, and uncover the intriguing sides of our hard-working colleagues!

A giant banner, made by AdTiming peers from scratch was the most meaningful scene during the trip. As a fast-growing startup, every AdTiminger is eager to contribute to company’s success. We paint our own portrait on the company blueprint, signifying our willingness to work hard to reach our common goal.

A grand dream is made in the superb grassland by all AdTimingers.

Together, we are invincible. Together, we win.