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OpenMediation is upgraded!

It will continue to provide high-quality services to developers as an independent business

24 December 2020 at 9:00 PM

AdTiming Staff AdTiming

Based on the "open + service" experience accumulated by the current XTiming and OpenMediation, the newly upgraded product OpenMediation SaaS platform will soon be put on the market, helping to achieve one-stop globalization for developers, and providing developers with more open, transparent and efficient ad mediation services. Now we split the Mediation module into an independent OpenMediation business.

The main changes are as follows:

1. After the split, OpenMediation and AdTiming provide Mediation and AdNetwork services respectively, without any impact on each other, and OpenMediation will not integrate AdTiming by default. The login entrances of the two platforms will also be split as follows:

OpenMediation: dash.openmediation.com
AdTiming AdNetwork: publisher.adtiming.com

2. OpenMediation will only provide ad Mediation services, and will also launch a new OpenMediation SDK at the same time, and will no longer provide AdNetwork functions;

3. OpenMediation has two versions, SaaS version and in-House version. Developers can choose according to their own needs and actual business conditions.

4. AdTiming will continue to operate as an independent Bidding AdNetwork platform to provide developers and advertisers with high-quality monetization and purchase services.

5. Developers who integrate the old AdTiming SDK can continue to use Mediation and AdNetwork services before May 31, 2021. It is recommended that developers update to the latest OpenMediation SDK and AdTiming Bidding SDK as soon as possible to enjoy more efficient monetization services.

The OpenMediation SaaS platform will be based on developers' overall overseas needs, helping developers to solve the core problems of information gap, industrial chain resource acquisition and refined operation. After integrating traffic portals and back-end services, and opening up the full link between the delivery and the monetization end, developers can conduct one-stop user groups and advertising revenue analysis at any time and any place instead of relying on separate data pieces. . When the SaaS platform can realize the independent management and rapid adjustment of all services based on its own development stage, developers will no longer be trapped in staffing and technical capabilities, and achieve the goal of flexible expansion.

AdTiming will continue to expand the SaaS platform in accordance with industry needs, continue to extend the service radius, and play the role of the cornerstone of the industry-paving the way for developers and expanding the brand's stable service capabilities.