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Why You Need AdTiming Retargeting ?

Why You Need
AdTiming Retargeting ?

Uplift in ROI


Higher Retention Rate


More In-App Actions


Approach to Different Users with Dynamic Ads

Deliver hyper-personalized ads to different users based on their interests, previous browsing history, and buying activities.

Prolong User LTV with Diversified Marketing Plans

Constantly re-engage with active users according to different stages of the marketing plan, to prolong the user's LTV in full-cycle coverage and drive the incremental revenues.

Optimize User Retention with AI Deep Machine Learning

Create comprehensive user tags based on users' previous behaviors by AI deep machine learning, to double down on active users and optimize retention rate.

Fully Respect
User’s Privacy

Respecting user privacy is the basic principle of AdTiming's marketing. AdTiming Complies with the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework that IOS users have the right to decide to let the APP process personal data or not.

7/24h All-Day Data Tracking
& Detailed Analysis

AdTiming 24h real-time campaign data, splits the data dimension into fine enough granularity, and provides comprehensive analysis reports to help you efficiently understand the effect of advertising activities.

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