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AdMuing’s Twist on Rewarded Videos: Brings You Closer in 5 Seconds

Rewarded video format is currently the leading ad format for games as users pro-actively choose to be shown an ad in exchange for in-game benefits.

21 September 2017 at 13:15 PM

AdTiming Staff AdTiming

Mobile advertisement market has now eclipsed that of the PC market. And with the ever-increasing competition for space and attention, an advertisements’ ability to promote engagement by being interactive is keenly sought after as the prime advertisement format. Rewarded video format is currently the leading ad format for games as users pro-actively choose to be shown an ad in exchange for in-game benefits.

The AdTiming team release AdMuing, a tool to add on screen comments to video advertisements that enhances interaction and engagement with users. AdMuing

AdMuing in action.

AdMuing on-screen comments tool:

1) Free of charge – AdMuing is current free for all Chinese users.

2) Open source – The codes are already shared on Github for all developers to use, we welcome changes to the code.

3) Compatibility – Supported on iOS and Android operating systems. The SDK is approximately 50 kB and does not affect the primary advertisement product.

4) Simple – Developers need only 4-5 lines of code and takes only 5 minutes to test!

5) Global yet local – Available globally across 140 countries and region with 16 languages including Mandarin, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc. Language use for each individual user can be determined and matched accordingly. On screen comment content comes from app store comments and are automatically collected and filtered to remove negative and nonsensical comments. Automated algorithm tailors the on screen comments displayed according to the demographic preference of each user. The regional cultural preference for color is also taken into consideration. (For example, the Chinese prefer red, yellow and blue, the Indian prefer orange white and green, the middle eastern prefer green and white.) And even the format changes according to the region preference. (For example, the Chinese prefer rolling across the screen and the Americans prefer chat room format commentary).

6) Compatibility – AdMuing is compatibile with major ad networks such as Unity and Vungle. Its adoption will not affect the original SDK functions. AdMuing is compatible with any third-party platform so as to allow developers to utilize broadly.

AdTiming VP Products Yobo Zhang remarked that rewarded videos revolve around the internal economics of apps as users stand to gain from in-app benefits. AdMuing is an open source tool that has the potential to enhance the interactive perception of rewarded videos. With a few simple steps and just 5 minutes, rewarded videos become more dynamic and engaging. Increasing the quality of the advertisement and also the conversion rate.

With the rapid growth in the utility of rewarded video by developers, creative applications become a key differentiator. The existing form that remains one-directional and non-interactive quickly becomes mundane for the younger generation of internet users that are now more accustomed to real time interactive comments with their content providers across the world from twitch to bilibili streaming platforms. And AdMuing’s integration of on screen comments hits the spot to bring about interactiveness in an otherwise mundane ad display opportunity.

AdMuing is now available to everyone on Github. Contact us for more information.